Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Knitters Connection - Columbus Ohio

After a days rest from TNNA we got to set up for The Knitters Connection at the convention center in Columbus Ohio.

TNNA had been a great place to meet designers and the many shop owners from around the country. We already had a lot of patterns "in the works" with various designers and took this opportunity to encourage a few more, will post their designs as they come.

Anyway didn't know what to expect from Knitters connection, a relatively small show but with classes, and a great opportunity to meet some knitters and some guests from the Quilting Show going on next door. This was the first time we had offered Ivy Brambles to the public as ourselves rather than through a store, and we have received a very warm welcome with much better sales than we could have hoped for. Thank you Columbus we will keep the hand dyed yarn, t-shirts and novelties rolling.....

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