Friday, November 23, 2012

Midnight Ruffles

 Some yarns speak volumes. That is certainly the case with the newest addition to the Ivy Brambles family the magnificent Silver Cloud. This lace weight yarn is 80% Suri alpaca, with a touch of Merino and Stellina to add a little glitz. At over 1000 yards plenty for a shawl like the Midnight Ruffles by Jocre Arts. Available in Ivy Brambles hand dyed colorways.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silky Merino Light

It's not often I get this excited about a new yarn, but this time I am in good company. Those that have tried it have felt the same way as I did. Not only does our new Silky Merino Light take color quite spectacularly but our designers and customers have immediately fallen in love with it.

Our designer has so far come up with two spectacular designs. Gentle waves in Bluebell Woods has been an instant success and Falling Leaves in Echo Lake Colorway is no slouch either sure to become a favorite as we enter the fall season. So far we have sold out three times over, new stocks will be arriving this week!

Personally I am working up the Beaded Cashmere Scarf by Nancy Kimball in Silky Merino Light Storm colorway, and I have to tell you it is a pleasure to work with. Look out for this yarn to become a firm favorite with followers of the Ivy Brambles Yarns!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lots of new stuff

It is either a good thing or a bad thing that I just get to posting much news about what's going on at Ivy Brambles. The truth is that I have been just too busy with shows and getting all the new products and patterns ready for the growing number of customers. Hopefully this year will see us getting a portal up for our stores so they can order more efficiently. Just need to get to it. anyway for those of you wondering what is new (and who didn't just look on the website because I do keep that up to date) we have a whole lot.

For starters we could not have anticipated how well Romantica would have been received by the lace knitters of the world. Well we knew it was fabulous, that's why we have it, but for a lace yarn it has almost no vices. It blocks great, is super soft, makes great garments, is easy to work with, doesn't break easily (oh so important for lace work) and is easy to wind without tangling (at least compared to other lace yarns). We now have shawlette patterns available for this yarn too.

For those wanting something with more substance we introduced Tornado. This super chunky yarn knits on size 11 needles and is just simply fun to work with. Takes color spectacularly, is very soft, knits fast and works up like a dream. We even have a lace shrug pattern for it!

 Tornado is a thick and thin yarn resembling a homespun yarn. It has generous yardage taking one skein for a scarf and two for a shrug.

Two new yarns this summer are Silky Merino Light (which might be my most favorite yarn of all time) and Bamboo Silk Sock. These yarns are also fabulous for shawlettes as well as being great for garments and other projects. Both have great yardage and represent a great value. Silky Merino Light is super soft and silky. Unlike other silk and wool blends this one uses fine merino and mulberry silk and is spun in a plied yarn that won't halo easily as so many silk and wool blends tend to. The Bamboo Silk Sock is a super soft sock yarn with the strength and silkiness of silk and bamboo and the washable properties of superwash merino.